What is Sacred Geometry?


Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation. It is the "language" of creation/light, which exists at the foundation of all life. Repeating geometric patterns are the basic building blocks of our material world, from our physical bodies, plants, animals, to planets, stars, and even galaxies. Everything in the universe follows the same blueprint or patterns created by geometric designs that repeat over and over in an endless dance of sound, light and color. They are a matrix of grid energy created from a central source - which creates the reality in which we experience.  The mathematical laws of Sacred Geometry govern every system of growth, every motion in the universe, from atomic bonds to spiraling galaxies.  As these geometric laws coalesce from the sphere, they map, through a language of relationship, the consciousness of creation with numbers, angles, shapes and forms.

Sacred geometry shows how primordial forces are transformed to cosmological order. It measures the harmonic vibrations that sustain life on all levels. Sacred geometry integrates the physical, tangible aspects of creation with the spiritual essence behind them. It is an interface between the seen and the unseen, the manifest and the unmanifest, the finite and the infinite.

The structure of the human body is based upon the same set of principles that are found functioning on all levels of creation. Our body contains within it holographically all the information of the universe. We are an embodiment of sacred geometry. We are spirit and matter combined. As we commune with sacred geometry forms we interact with their fields of informational influence.  Their energetic fields emit a frequency that communes with the vibratory infrastructure of our DNA in search of a like frequency with which to resonate.  In this way, sacred geometry can be used to instigate an awakening in our dormant DNA.






Protection against Electric and Magnetic pollution:

ELECTRIC POLLUTION– When holding an electric wire, using kinesiology, a person will test weak. If then wearing, holding or looking (or placing one around the electric wire) at a cube octahedron (or any shape containing one) a person will test strong - this is because the cube octahedron (shown below) is the magnetic balance to electricity.

MAGNETIC POLLUTION – When holding a mobile phone, looking at a computer or even a strip light, using kinesiology, a person will test weak.  If then wearing, holding or looking at a star tetrahedron (or any shape containing one) a person will test strong - this is because the star tetrahedron (shown below) is the electric balance to magnetism.


How is Sacred Geometry used in the Template Ceremonies


Our communion with Sacred Geometry is a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary awakening. Embedded in the Human matrix - written in the sacred geometric language of light and out of reach of any form of manipulation – is the Soul Covenant that is our original blueprint.

The primary infrastructure of all existence is light … all is light … all is geometry.

The geometric language of light that forms the underlying matrix of this hologram is the alphabet of the new paradigm. Although, due to its genetic modification, the present manifestation of the Human race is not representing the full potency of that hologram, the blueprint for the immortal template exists within the Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix.

When a specific design and progression of these geometric creation codes is ceremoniously united with a consciously spoken sonic resonant code, the library of remembrance in the cerebral cortex is engaged and a neuro-chemical alchemy is created that activates coherence between the vibratory infrastructure of the Soul Covenant and the superstructure of the physical body.

This coherent data-flow of original Human identity, prior to genetic modification, is delivered as energetic information in the form of electromagnetic circuitry to be integrated by the heart/body/mind system. Thus the Human body is the Sacred Chalice of the Source made manifest. You are your body.

Your body is the physical matrix of your divine intelligence.

As omniscient awareness expands through the download of natural divine knowledge, via the electromagnetic delivery system of circuitry, your physical matrix alters accordingly. As the acceleration of Source Intelligence infiltrates the heart/body/mind system, the individual's computational capabilities upgrade exponentially to accommodate more and more circuitry… more and more Source Intelligence in a circle of spiraling and ever expanding conscious evolution.

The alchemical nature of the Template Ceremonies, by utilizing both male and female geometry, holds the frequency harmonic of the activating life-directive that is transmitted from the heart of the cosmos and the receptive integrating pulse that emanates from the crystalline core of this planet Earth.

This code replicates geometrically the tantric courtship of creation and places the individual unit of circuitry as the conjugal mediator of these two creation frequencies, resurrecting the Human body temple as the Sacred Enclosure for the Sacred Wedding of the Mother Of Form and the Father Of Consciousness.