Tesla 3 6 9

Mind blown! "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla    

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Ceremony 2 on video has arrived!

Ceremony of Synthesis The 13th Circuit   The second ceremony in The Template series has arrived and it's stunning!  This particular ceremony balances the masculine & feminine energies in the body.  In order to get the reconnection of the 13th circuit you must watch the first ceremony, Original Innocence, which reconnects the first 12 foundation [...]

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Tetrahedron – Pyra Sphere

We're starting out here with the Tetrahedron which is one of the 5 platonic solids.  The Tetrahedron is a 3 dimensional, four sided, equilateral triangle.  It's element is fire and can be used in several ways, including meditation.  Now one thing to remember about fire is that when fire is in balance it is life/force [...]

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Fire Meditation   This sacred day My communion with the element of Fire honors my physical being as eternal. I honor my connectedness to the universal reservoir of pleasure and causal desire cleansing my emotional body. My mental body releases  fear of death as I recognize the illusion of duality. Love is my protection. I am [...]

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What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation. It is the "language" of light, which exists at the foundation of all life. Repeating geometric patterns are the basic building blocks of our material world, from our physical bodies, plants, animals, to planets, stars, and even galaxies. Everything in the universe follows the same blueprint or patterns [...]

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Template Ceremony 1 – Original Innocence Ceremony of Original Innocence What you are about to watch is a 35 minute ceremony which is the first in a series of the Template of Transcendence. To see the introduction videos to this ceremony go HERE. The Ceremony of Original Innocence reconnects 12 major electro-magnetic circuits in the human body. Circuits provide the pathways [...]

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Tantric Star App demo video

This is a really cool app for iPhones & and androids.  The app is free on iTunes & Google Play but you need a sticker to activate the app.  It's called Tantric Star AR - AR stands for augmented reality. You can get a picture of the sticker on their Facebook page HERE which works [...]

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Intro to Original Innocence Ceremony

This is a 30 minute introduction to the Ceremony of Original Innocence.  Here it is split into several videos.  You can watch the ceremony HERE.    

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