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Platonic Solids

  This is an amazing video showing how the 5 Platonic solids nest within each other. I always wondered how you get the icosahedron in there. :0 Also below is a video on how to make them out of toothpicks and gummy drops - it's so easy!

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64 Cell

The 64 cell is a foundation geometric piece which is 64 tetrahedrons (3 dimensional triangles).  Wear one and feel the difference. Nassim Haramein from the Resonance Project considers it the fundamental seed geometry of the fabric of the vacuum of spacetime itself... • 64 codons in human DNA. • 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. • [...]

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Radio with Juliet Carter

Below is a collection of radio programs explaining The Template ceremonies.  Click the title to hear the interview or the play button below the title if available.   Template Worlbridger Ceremony Presentation by Juliet Carter click title to listen Dr. Rock considers elements of Juliet Carter's Worldbridger Ceremony presentation which was recorded at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms [...]

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How to explain the ceremonies

So you’ve done the ceremonies, think they’re amazing and want others to do them too but they just don’t get it. What do you say? When people used to ask me what I did for a living, I would say I hold alchemical ceremonies with sacred geometry that reconnect bio-circuitry in the body. I would [...]

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Tesla 3 6 9

Mind blown! "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” ~ Nikola Tesla    

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New Year, New Format

As the new year came in I was doing a lot of reflection on my ceremony workshops of 2016. Honestly, I fell down some stairs and sprained my foot and ankle in the 3 different places so there I sat and am still sitting.  As many of you know, I took a break from doing [...]

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Breathing the circuits

Breathing the circuits was designed to ease the integration of Original Innocence, the first ceremony in the Template series.  By the third ceremony - Ceremony of Sacred Breath - we found you didn't need to breath the circuits anymore as a new way of breathing was programmed in by the ceremony - the breath of [...]

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Ceremony to Clear & Protect

There's been some talk about entities at the Template events lately and Juliet created a simple ceremony to clear and protect yourself which I thought would be good to share.  There are many different types of entities and different ways to get one.  Entities can range from benign to annoying to powerfully dark and destructive.  You [...]

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Ceremony aftermath, how to ease integration

The integration of the Template Ceremonies can be really intense for some and organically smooth for others.  It's a VERY individual process and the level of intensity varies from person to person and can also come in waves.  Don't think because you've done a lot over many years, even decades, that it will be easy. [...]

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Ceremony 2 on video has arrived!

Ceremony of Synthesis The 13th Circuit   The second ceremony in The Template series has arrived and it's stunning!  This particular ceremony balances the masculine & feminine energies in the body.  In order to get the reconnection of the 13th circuit you must watch the first ceremony, Original Innocence, which reconnects the first 12 foundation [...]

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