The mission of Geometry Goddess is to provide information about the basics of sacred geometry and how to use it in everyday life.  Sacred geometry is an amazing tool that can be used in many different ways to transform energy and consciousness.  You can make it, play with it, wear it, meditate with it, heal with it and even feng shui your home with it!  One of the amazing things about sacred geometry is that it works regardless of what you know about it.  Geometry Goddess offers a variety of products as well as free downloads to make geometry, sacred geometry apps and videos.

First let’s address the most common question – what is sacred geometry and why do you call it sacred?  Well, sacred geometry is basically the geometry you learned in school.  It’s called sacred because it’s how Source Consciousness comes into form and is the organizing principle/ pattern of how it expands/creates material existence.  So, many people see it as “spiritual”.  Basically, the only thing that makes it sacred is your recognition of it being sacred.  You could just call it geometry, but calling it sacred geometry is acknowledging the power of sacred geometry and THAT is what this website is about.  I used to teach a class – The Power of Sacred Geometry – at expos and realized how much people could easily shift their consciousness with simple easy tools that they could make themselves or by watching videos.

The most powerful way I’ve experienced sacred geometry is in alchemical ceremony.  My experience comes from being an ambassador/facilitator of The Template Ceremonies for 15+ years.  Sacred geometry is part of the code to expand consciousness – AND IT WORKS!   The ceremonies changed my life and I’ve been lucky enough to observe and participate in the awakening of so many others.  The first 2 ceremonies are on video and I have them on this site for anyone who wants to watch it HERE.  The intention of the founders of The Template is to get all of the ceremonies online for free so everyone can access them.
In Lak’ech

This is the Gaia Aqua Solar Star – one of the stars of immortality – which holds the harmonic of the Tree of Life.