Ceremony of Synthesis

The 13th Circuit


The second ceremony in The Template series has arrived and it’s stunning!  This particular ceremony balances the masculine & feminine energies in the body.  In order to get the reconnection of the 13th circuit you must watch the first ceremony, Original Innocence, which reconnects the first 12 foundation circuits.

The 13th Circuit is reconnected by the design and progression of geometric forms of the 3rd dimensional creation code and their sonic counterparts which are resonant with the various aspects of the holonomic agreement that lie at the heart of the Human masterpiece.  The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine are woven together in geometric form to create a balance within the Human biocomputer.

In the ceremony pathways of electromagnetic life force are reinstated at both ends of the pranic tube running concurrent with the spinal cord and preparing it for the third ceremony – Ceremony of Sacred Breath. The occiput, at the top of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field for the Galactic life directive the seed impulse. The coccyx, at the base of the pranic tube, holds the resonant field in alignment with the Earths gaia spheric egg like receptors. Together, manifest creation occurs as the life force is Activated, Integrated, Synthesized and Crystallized into form. This Ceremony escorts us into this Geometric Tantric Courtship between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness . . . reprogramming our breath with the essence of this unison we imbue our consciousness with the higher physics of creation.

The 13th Circuit Ceremony initiates the cleansing of the Archetypal arena not by reprogramming it but by attuning the heart/body/mind system to the resonance of the Geometric Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix that is the original Human blueprint.