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Template Ceremony 11 arrives

Ceremony 11 has arrived and is being held in Bali and Glastonbury, England in 2015! Juliet & Jiva will be holding ceremonies 6-11, Nov. 1 - 6 so you must have already done 1-5 to participate. In Glastonbury they will be holding ceremonies 6-11, Nov. 30 - Dec. 6 and ceremonies 1-5 are available just [...]

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What’s going on with my circuits?

So you're thinking of watching the Ceremony of Original Innocence (Template Ceremony 1) or maybe you already have.  So what's it all about, what's it going to do, what can I expect? What's it all about?  Well this particular ceremony is about facing the one in the mirror - that's you.   It's about  synthesizing [...]

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