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SG gifs

I love all these new gifs that are coming out!      

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What is Sacred Geometry?

When it came time for me to teach the sacred geometry part at my ceremony workshops I would always notice people's eyes glaze over.  Most people did not really come to learn about sacred geometry.  I found a video that was made by a student of Drunvalo Melchizedek's that is pretty brilliant.  I heard he [...]

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Template Ceremony 1 – Original Innocence Ceremony of Original Innocence What you are about to watch is a 35 minute ceremony which is the first in a series of the Template of Transcendence. To see the introduction videos to this ceremony go HERE. The Ceremony of Original Innocence reconnects 12 major electro-magnetic circuits in the human body. Circuits provide the pathways [...]

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Tantric Star App demo video

This is a really cool app for iPhones & and androids.  The app is free on iTunes & Google Play but you need a sticker to activate the app.  It's called Tantric Star AR - AR stands for augmented reality. You can get a picture of the sticker on their Facebook page HERE which works [...]

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Intro to Original Innocence Ceremony

This is a 30 minute introduction to the Ceremony of Original Innocence.  Here it is split into several videos.  You can watch the ceremony HERE.    

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